Medical Stays

StayNue’s Medical Stay Program is a free or subsidized short-term housing program for medical patients and their families.


We are a legal furnished housing provider that has operated since 2012. Our residents are provided with highly attentive service at our clean and comfortably furnished homes and rooms.

Certain amenities include:

    • High-speed internet
    • TV
    • Laptop-friendly workspace
    • Kitchenware
    • Toiletries
    • Freshly laundered linens and towels
    • Self-check in for social distancing
    • Secure keyless access (where available)
    • Elevator (where available

Organization Eligibility:

    • Healthcare facility that serves patients in the following US states: MA, RI, NH, CT, VT.
    • Must be a guarantor unless exempted.

Guest Eligibility:

    • Guest is a patient or family member at the approved healthcare facility.
    • Primary guest is an adult.
    • Guest does not reside within 30 miles of the healthcare facility.
    • Guest does not possess any conditions or that are likely to cause disturbances or risks to building residents.
    • Guests do not have a condition requiring special sanitation or other accommodations beyond reasonable levels.
    • Guarantor required (individual or organization)
    • Subject to application, background and/or reference checks.