House Rules


CLEAN AS YOU GO. Please observe cleanliness at all times. Make sure you clean up after yourself when using use the kitchen, the bathroom, or a shared space.

– Please be sure to do the dishes or run the dishwasher. Also, place used bath towels on the closet floor and keep sheets tidy and unstained.

– Eating in your bed is not allowed. If you’re eating out of a takeaway food container, throw it out/recycle it when you’re finished.

– Please do not leave personal/valuable items in the common areas. Anything lost or stolen is your own risk and responsibility.

– Smoking is strictly prohibited within the vicinity.

– No events or visitors are allowed unless approved by management.

– Quiet hours are between 9PM to 9AM. Please be mindful of the noise and avoid scraping chairs on the floor, slamming the doors, no loud phone calls, media streaming or conversations inside private rooms/studio/apartment unit and/or communal areas within this time frame.

– Ensure main building door and room door are closed at all times. Be sure to close the doors and windows securely when leaving the property.

– Always report hazards to the landlord/host, including broken furniture and accidents.

– There will be zero tolerance for abusive behavior, racism, violence, homophobia and/or sexism.

– Damage to Property – Any activity that results in damage and would require replacement or repairs, all costs will be charged to the guest. Ie. Damages to Linens, Beds, TV, Sofa, Kitchen and Cleaning Equipments, etc.

– Damage to Property will automatically be subject to $200 Security Deposit charge.


Any violation to house rules is subject to at least $250 per incident and/or cancellation of reservation without refund.